Thank you for your interest in selling Sundream coffee and goods in your retail location! Click the 'Shop Wholesale' link below to see our current wholesale offerings and lead times.

Serve Sundream Coffee

Thank you for your interest in serving Sundream at your Office/Organization. We supply headcounters, co-working spaces, churches and businesses of all sizes with fresh, roasted-to-order beans and look forward to getting some your way! Here's how to order:

1. Choose your favorite coffee(s) & select the 5lb bulk bag option before adding to cart

2. Click Subscribe if you would like a recurring delivery - no brainer!

3. We will roast your coffee to order and deliver fresh. ENJOY!

One 5 lb. bag makes approx. 125 cups of coffee.

Based on each person drinking 2 cups of coffee per day for a 5-day work week:

10 people: (1) 5 lb bag/per week (or 2 bi-weekly)

20 people: (2) 5 lb bag/per week

50 people: (5) 5 lb bag/per week

100 people: (10) 5 lb bag/per week

Our bags will keep beans at peak freshness for 90 days from the roast date. Take a look at your 'best by' date on your coffee bag for reference. Once your bag is open and the seal is broken, we recommend consuming within 3 weeks.

Check out our FAQ page.

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