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Toasted Coconut | Sugar Cane | Easy Drinking


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Add to the vibe

Previously Good Vibes Blend

Close your eyes and dive on in... we're taking you to flavor island where the coffee flows & the livin' is easy!

With notes of toasted coconut and the subtle sweetness of sugar cane you'll be kicking back with no plans but to soak up the sun with this easy drinking java. Waking up on the sunny side has never been easier.

COMPONENTS Mexico, Honduras 
PROCESSES Honey, Natural
ELEVATION 1130 - 1250 M, 1300 - 1500 M
REGIONS Tlatetela, Veracruz , Marcala, La Paz

Freshly Roasted

We maintain high standards for how our coffees taste and it's our goal to deliver you the best possible tasting experience so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy every sip.

Kick your feet up - our coffee is roasted weekly & shipped directly to your doorstep.

Take it easy

Shifting focus from modern-day hustle culture back to the pure joy of a good cup of joe, feet in the soil, a beautiful horizon, and community connection. Our products serve as a daily reminder to be present and encourage a slower pace of life.

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