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  • size: 12” x 12”  
  • 92 pages,  hardcover,  casebound book covered in Wibalin Buckram.
  • Printed on 140gsm golden sun wood free paper.
  • Forward by Sean Doherty
  • comes with stickers!

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Add to the vibe

"Air drops & alaias, laser zaps & lay backs, quivers & quirky fin set ups, nose rides & nurse sharks. Take a mind altering surf trip around the globe.  Discover insightful drawings & maps that reveal a mass of surfing’s curiosities - from visionary surfboard designs and philosophical post-surf ponderings, to the elements required for effective permaculture and tips on fruitful board collecting."


ANDREW KIDMAN: Film maker / Surfboard shaper.

"Ferns handiwork, philosophies and love for surfing and its culture are simply remarkable. Aloha to Zen - The Art of Living and Surfing on Earth - truly is this. My family loves this book. It really is incredible, full of love spirit and goodness, everything that makes up this wondrous thing we call surfing…”

CARBY TUCKWELL: Deus ex Machina Creative Director

“Fern is an amazing illustrator and the loveliest flower child you’ll ever meet. Together with Damion she has created an extraordinary tome that explores the gamut of life with the ocean and all its joys. Every now and then comes a book that transcends age groups and cultures, providing everyone with a sense of just how special life on this wonderful planet is. Aloha to Zen is a book that stops you in your tracks to soak up time and space on a joyful but conscientious discovery of the surfing world. Full of amazing drawings of incredible artistic detail , the book works its way along the English alphabet for all to enjoy, kids, dads, mums, pops, grans, golden salties and more will simply love this book. Fern put pen to paper over many sunsets and moonrises to create this masterpiece!


Aloha Zen at Rainbows End

As well as travelling and exhibiting their work across the surfing universe, passionate creatives Damion 'Aloha' Fuller and his wife Fern 'Zen' Levack work from a farm studio in their hinterland hideaway 'Rainbows End' on Australias mystical north coast NSW. Here they create surfboards, ceramics, paint & publish, but most importantly surf and enjoy planet Earth!

Take it easy

Shifting focus from modern-day hustle culture back to the pure joy of a good cup of joe, feet in the soil, a beautiful horizon, and community connection. Our products serve as a daily reminder to be present and encourage a slower pace of life.

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