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It started a decade ago

I met Brooke in 2013 in Hawaii - we quickly fell in love & moved to San Diego to start our life together. Brooke grew up between California & Hawaii and I grew up in Georgia... always dreaming of one day living near the beach. 

The Baja Blanket

Within a few days of living in San Diego I noticed these really cool blankets everywhere. At the time I didn't know they were traditional Mexican blankets, I just thought they were cool & figured other people would think so too. When we learned more about the sustainable story of how they are made with 100% up-cycled materials we knew we were onto something amazing.
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We traveled south

and filled up the trunk with as many blankets as we could fit in hopes to sell them online to a broader audience. At the time, it felt crazy... 

Over time, we developed relationships and began exploring custom designs and colors - even expanding to handmade blankets which offer a wider variety of patterns and styles. 
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Sundream Custom

We have recently launched our Sundream Custom program which allows us to offer unique throw designs for other brands! If you own or work for a rad company and think these are a good fit for your merch, events and marketing please reach our directly to! 
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We are so proud to have been working with the same team in Mexico for over a decade. We get the opportunity to carry on a centuries-old tradition in the making of each Sundream blanket! Thanks for shopping small business!

Casey & Brooke
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