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Riviera Stripe - Pink

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Equally beautiful, soft and sustainable, these blankets are made of reclaimed fibers derived from 100% post-consumer materials ♻️ (i.e. clothing and other garments that would otherwise be thrown away and end up in a landfall)  

We are proud to offer a second life to this special blend of sustainable fabric & offer sustainable jobs to the artisans in Mexico who make these incredible works of art! We have worked with the same team of artisans for over a decade! 

Base color: Creamy White
Stripes: Pink
Measures: 73 x 48 inches
Materials: Cotton, acrylic, polyester 

Centuries Of Tradition

Crafted on traditional wooden pedal looms, our weaving artists dedicate their skill and many hours to each & every blanket.  We are honored to have worked with the same team of artisan weavers for the last decade - providing them fair wages and the ability to preserve their art form as a thriving occupation. Our artists proudly carry out a centuries-old tradition in the creation of our blankets that we get to share with each of you!

Take it easy

Shifting focus from modern-day hustle culture back to the pure joy of a good cup of joe, feet in the soil, a beautiful horizon, and community connection. Our products serve as a daily reminder to be present and encourage a slower pace of life.

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