The Man Behind the WOW

Meet Daren Thomas Magee (aka Real Fun, Wow!) a local freelance illustrator, muralist and designer based out of Ojai, California - and the artist behind the beautiful Sundream x Real Fun, Wow! collaboration. He is a beautiful human being and an inspiration to live creatively. 


The aim of my work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, my hope is to leave you to float off in that liminal space into someplace entirely new. 
That paragraph is a very flowery way of describing my work. It's something I send to people when they need a bio. While it's all true, I guess, really I am just a dude who loves to create and share my creations with the world. I don't really ever truly know what I am doing, I just follow my intuition, sometimes (stubbornly) taking guidance from people I trust.  I truly value the autonomy that my career allows me. To be free to express myself (for better or worse) however I choose is such a gift. While it can sometimes be a bit frightening to be so outspoken it can be even more so to not be.

First things first, how do you take your coffee?

Black! I like the purity of things in life. I don’t think anything needs to be added when you’ve got it all right there to begin with. 

What does your typical morning routine look like?

I am an early riser. I always try and get up before my kid does so I have a little time to myself to meditate, make coffee and get their lunch made for the day. I like the feeling of having got something accomplished before the rest fo the town is up.

I try to stay out of my inbox for as long as I can in the morning, but I’m usually not very successful. 

What's been keeping your stoked lately? 

I’ve been really into a fitness lately. I see a trainer 3 times a week and then on the rest of the days I go running. I’ve never been an athletic dude, by any means, but as I'm nearing 40 I thought it best to use what extra time I have to get into the best shape my body will allow. It’s quite a commitment and I’m feeling really great about it!

Tell us about your upcoming shop, The House of Wow!

The Wow House is something I always had a difficult time envisioning in my minds eye. A shop devoted entirely to my work? Seemed a little nuts. But the reflection I’ve received from folks who support my work is that it’s something that people want! So I’ve been pouring little bits of time, here and there, into turning the front half of my studio into a retail space. It’s slow going, which is the way I prefer it. I’m in no rush, I want it to unfold just as it’s meant to. 

Anything else?

 As of this week (June '21) I am 1 year sober from alcohol. It's been a long and unrewarding relationship and I am glad to have left it behind. It's really awesome not having hangovers or saying (more) stupid stuff that I end up regretting. I'm proud of my resolve and commitment! :)


Check out REAL FUN WOW and if you are in the Ojai area, do yourself a favor and stop by his new shop 'The House of Wow!' 

Thanks for being awesome Daren. Much love.

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